Canadian Premium Importer & Distributor of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Founded in 1986, Tomato King built its brand as a wholesaler and distributor of one red, ripe and delicious product.
You guessed it – tomatoes!

Strong partnerships with retail chains, independent retailers, food services accounts and direct pick-ups at our distribution center forged our growth. The business has continued to expand earning a solid reputation in the industry for quality brands and competitive prices – not to mention freshness and availability.

Today, our customer base has increased to include more than 300 clients in Ontario and western Quebec. We partner with top suppliers representing over 100 commodities from across the globe.

Our focus is not only the quality of our produce, but also, for the long term partnerships we establish with our clients and suppliers. By developing relationships build on integrity and trust, and delivering a level of service that matches the exceptional quality of our produce, these partnerships outlast any season.

“The legacy of Tomato King 2010 Inc. is one of strong family values, hard work, transparency, reliability and deep commitment to customers, suppliers and employees.”

Lorenzo Scala

Co-Founder & Salesman


Why partner with Tomato King?

Canadians love to eat a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year, during summer and in the snow!
From navel oranges, artichokes, grapes, apples, cherries, berries, peppers, cucumbers, to lettuce and more we source both locally and globally. We are always looking to expand our suppliers to meet the rising demand.

We want to help you penetrate the Canadian market. Our goal is to become your representative in our marketplace and commit our resources to your brand which include a dedicated sales force with extensive expertise in the retail industry. Diversify with us, and let Canadians enjoy your fresh produce.

Over the past few years, Tomato King has become our sole representative in the Toronto marketplace. Since then, we have enjoyed tremendous growth. They leverage all of their resources including a strong expertise in the retail industry and an established network to promote our brand.

Continually, they have demonstrated their full commitment to our company. What sets them apart has been their ability to consistently deliver in special circumstances. For example, when we have had an unexpected increase in supply, they have handled the extra volume without difficulty. In other words, they are there when we needed them!

John Smith

Operations Manager, Rainier Fruit

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165 The Queensway, Suite 232
Toronto, ON M8Y 1H8
Tel: +1 (416) 259-5410


165 The Queensway, Suite 232
Toronto, ON M8Y 1H8
Tel: +1 (416) 259-5410